Sleeping in a tent in the Moroccan desert… a dream come true!

Sleeping in a tent in the Moroccan desert... a dream come true!

One of the traveling dreams that I have always wanted to do is to be able to sleep in a tent under a sky full of stars in the desert. To be able to see for myself how the silence of the desert is and to live the experience of sleeping in a Berber camp has always been for me something that I was dying to do and that finally, this time in Morocco, I would live with my friends and Ibrahim, our guide through the dunes, in the desert of Merzouga, in the middle of the Sahara.

The day so far had been intense. Our arrival to the desert in the middle of a sandstorm, the quad and the camel ride through the desert to the camp had been just the beginning of one of the best experiences of my life. There were still many more experiences and great moments awaiting us, which I will tell you about here Moroco Sahara Trips.

When we arrived at the camp, in the middle of the night, Ibrahim guided us to a tent where we were welcomed with a tea of hospitality that was a great way to recharge our batteries.

The camp was right at the foot of the great dune. A dune of almost 100 meters high, perfect to protect us from the winds and on which they say you can see a spectacular sunrise .

After tea, we would leave the things in what would be our tent and get ourselves situated and groomed, we headed for dinner where we would devour a delicious chicken Tajine that we would liquidate like real raptors.

The look says it all, doesn’t it? Well, imagine how it came in.

Drum night!

We had not yet finished dinner when in the distance drums started to be heard. They say curiosity killed something and in our case it was 4 cats whose curiosity led them to follow the sound of the drums to see what exactly was going on.

Upon arrival, we saw several people who were also sleeping in the camp inside a huge tent where several of the guides who had taken us to the desert were there with a show of drums and desert songs .

Between drums and laughter we started singing and playing the timpani like real Berbers! They gave us some timpani and drums and we had some incredible laughs in front of that group of Berbers who did not believe our excellent and rhythmic songs, hahaha!

Sleeping in a tent, the most awaited moment!

After spending almost an hour to the rhythm of the drums, sleep began to take its toll on us and the time to go to bed, or rather, to the tent, arrived. I proposed to Diana, Juan Ramon and Marian to accompany me for a walk in the middle of the night in the desert. The night was not 100% enclosed. The moon was quite high and it was possible to walk around without any problem. But despite my insistence… they told me that they were very sleepy and I decided to go for a walk alone in the area.

I had dreamed of this moment many times and I didn’t want to miss it for anything in the world. It was amazing to hear the breeze of the desert night there in the middle of the dunes and in the middle of nowhere.

The camp remained calm under an extraordinary calmachicha and the occasional light bulb that remained lit thanks to the gasoline generator of the tent-kitchen.

After half an hour of bohemian moments strolling under the moon and stars around the tent camp, I decided it was time to go to sleep, but not before paying a visit to our companions on the road.

Once in the tent I could say that I messed up a bit. My bed was unmade, my companions were all asleep and there was not a single light to guide me on how I had to put the blankets…

Between the cell phone light and my constant spitting due to the weight of the blankets… I woke up all the staff 😀 Oh… I really didn’t want to but there was no choice. That’s what they get for not accompanying me.

Already in bed, the wind began to blow. The tent seemed to collapse at times and at times I thought that the sandstorm had been reactivated.

The night passed like that, between the calmness of the silence of the night and the sound of the wind. A wind that seemed not to be able to with the tents and if they are made like that, it will be for something, I said to myself. Century after century the tents have been the best place to sleep in the desert for the Berbers and that night, the wind gave us the answer why. Not only because they are easy to assemble and disassemble, but also because they are not an obstacle for the wind. Some wind sneaks through the walls, insignificant for those of us inside but enough to keep it from knocking down the camp.

With the rhythm of the wind, sleep took over me until dawn, where we would start again by camel to the village, but that’s another story that if you want you can read here. It’s worth it!

Practical information if you want to live this experience

Is it cold at night in the desert?

We don’t get too cold. In the camp there are plenty of blankets so you won’t even feel it. It is advisable to bring something warm, but not too much. You are not going to the North Pole…!

Would you like to live something like this?

If you liked my trip and you want to experience something like this you have to contact Moha, the person who guided us. His email is [email protected] and his website is

I chose them because of the recommendation of a traveler friend and because of the amount of positive opinions I read about them on Tripadvisor and because it was really not expensive at all…

Don’t forget to say that you are going on behalf of “Diary of a Liar”, I’m sure they will do something special for you on the trip 😉.

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