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We are a local travel company that creates vacation excursions from Ouarzazate, Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Fes, Casablanca, and Tangier. If you want to visit Morocco soon, this is undoubtedly the way to go. Take one of our Morocco trips to experience the splendor of our nation.


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 We are travel company based in Morocco that specializes in providing exceptional travel experiences to people from all over the world. Our agency is dedicate to providing high-quality services that meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients.

Our team of experienced and professional tour guides has extensive knowledge about the culture, history, and geography of Morocco. They are fluent in various languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. They are also friendly, hospitable, and committed to ensuring that our clients have a memorable and enjoyable experience in Morocco.

At our Travel company, we offer customized trips that are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. We work with our clients to develop a tour itinerary that suits their budget, interests, and schedule. We also provide suggestions and recommendations to ensure that our clients get the best experience possible.

We offer a wide range of trips, including adventure trips, cultural trips, historical trips, and luxury trips. Our trips cover all the major tourist attractions in Morocco, including the Atlas Mountains, the Imperial cities, Moroccan Desert and the coastal cities.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide assistance to our clients. We also ensure that our clients have a safe and comfortable experience by providing reliable transportation and high-quality accommodation.

We are also committed to sustainable tourism practices that benefit the local communities and preserve the environment. We work with local communities to ensure that our clients have an authentic and meaningful cultural experience while also contributing to the local economy.


All of our desert trips itineraries can be customized. Contact us to customize your own itinerary 


Why Choose
Sahara as your travel destination

Our Morocco company is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an authentic and unforgettable travel experience in Morocco. Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your travel agency in Morocco.

Experienced and Professional Team:

Our team of professional and experienced tour guides knows a lot about the history, geography, and culture of Morocco. They are fluent in various languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. They are also friendly, welcoming, and dedicated to making sure that our clients' time in Morocco is memorable and fun.

Customized Tours:

We offer customized trip that are made to meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer. We work with our customers to create a trip itinerary that suits their needs, interests, and time constraints. In order to ensure that our customers have the greatest experience possible, we also provide advice and recommendations.

Affordable Prices:

We offer competitive prices that are affordable for people who wish to explore Morocco. We don't cut corners on the quality of our services, and our prices cover all the costs, like travel, lodging, meals, and activities.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent company: We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Our team is available 24/7 to help our clients and answer any questions they may have. We also make sure that our clients are safe and have a good time by giving them reliable transportation and good places to stay.

Sustainable Tourism:

We are committed to tourism practices that are good for the environment and the people who live there. We work with local communities to make sure that our clients have an authentic and meaningful cultural experience while also helping the local economy.

Wide Range of Tours

We offer a wide range of tours that cover all the major tourist attractions in Morocco, including adventure tours, cultural tours, historical tours, and luxury tours. Our trips cover the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, the imperial cities, and the coastal cities. With our diverse range of trips, there is something for everyone.


We understand that plans can change, and we are flexible to accommodate any changes to our clients' itineraries. We are willing to work with our clients to ensure that their travel experience in Morocco is the best it can be.

Quality Accommodation:

We make sure that our clients stay in nice places, whether it's a high-end hotel or a traditional Moroccan riad. Our lodging options have been carefully chosen to give our clients the most amazing experience possible.


comfortable 4×4 automobiles and air-conditioned minibuses. also knowledgeable drivers and guides who speak your language. Moreover, we provide pick-up and drop-off services.



Our company also feature accommodations with architecture. There are so budget and upscale hotels, as well as riads and kasbahs. Also, while on the camel trips, camp in the erg Chebbi

Different Locations

Tours in the Moroccan desert emphasize several tourist attractions. As a result, you anticipate taking pictures of scenic sights and exploring tourist sites.


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Morocco, a North African gem, boasts rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes. From vibrant cities like Marrakech to the Sahara Desert’s mystique, explore Morocco’s magic. Discover more about Morocco’s culture, travel, and history.

Morocco Sahara

Morocco’s Sahara Desert is a captivating natural wonder. With towering sand dunes, camel treks, and starry nights, it’s a must-visit destination for adventure and beauty. Explore the Sahara’s magic and learn about its unique landscapes and experiences.


“Our Company” appears to be a travel agency or tour operator specializing in organizing trips to the Desert and other destinations in Morocco. While I don’t have access to specific information about individual companies, many travel agencies in Morocco offer a wide range of desert excursions and cultural experiences in the desert region.

If you are interested in booking a trip or learning more about the services offered by “Sahara Trips Company,” I recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly through their provided contact information. You can inquire about the types of tours they offer, pricing, itineraries, and any other specific details you may need for planning your trip to the Sahara Desert or other Moroccan destinations.


Morocco is known for its diverse landscapes, and one of its most famous natural features is the Sahara Desert, which stretches into the southeastern part of the country. The Sahara Desert in Morocco offers a unique and captivating desert experience for people.

Here are some key points about the desert in Morocco:

  • Location: The Moroccan Desert covers a significant portion of the southeastern part of the country. It extends into regions such as Merzouga, Zagora, Erfoud, and M’hamid.
  • Erg Chebbi: Erg Chebbi is one of the most well-known dune fields in Morocco and is located near the town of Merzouga. These massive sand dunes, which can reach heights of up to 500 feet (150 meters), offer a surreal and picturesque landscape.
  • Erg Chigaga: Another notable dune field is Erg Chigaga, situated near the town of M’hamid. It is a more remote and less-visited area compared to Erg Chebbi, providing a quieter and more authentic desert experience.
  • Activities: Visitors to the Moroccan Desert can engage in various activities, including camel treks, sandboarding, and 4×4 desert tours. Camping in the desert is a popular option, whether in traditional Berber-style tents or luxury desert camps.
  • Berber Culture: The Sahara Desert in Morocco is inhabited by Berber communities who have adapted to the harsh desert environment. People have the opportunity to learn about Berber culture, traditions, and hospitality while exploring the desert.
  • Starlit Nights: The clear desert skies offer incredible stargazing opportunities. With minimal light pollution, you can witness a breathtaking display of stars and constellations in the night sky.
  • Weather: The Sahara Desert experiences extreme temperature variations, with scorching hot days and cold nights. It’s essential to be prepared for these temperature fluctuations when visiting.
  • Desert Towns: Several towns and settlements, such as Merzouga, Zagora, and M’hamid, serve as gateways to the Sahara Desert and provide essential services for people, including accommodations and guided tours.
  • Access: The Sahara Desert can be reached from major Moroccan cities like Marrakech, Fes, and Tanger, with well-established road networks and transport options.

Remember that the desert environment can be challenging, so it’s essential to prepare adequately, stay hydrated, and follow the guidance of experienced guides when exploring the Sahara Desert of Morocco. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check the latest travel advisories and conditions before planning your visit.


The Sahara Desert in Morocco, a captivating expanse of arid wilderness, beckons adventurers with its mesmerizing beauty and cultural richness. Stretching across the southeastern reaches of the country, the Moroccan Sahara is a tapestry of contrasting landscapes, from towering sand dunes in Erg Chebbi to rugged plateaus, deep canyons, and verdant oases. Here, the ancient traditions of Berber communities harmonize with the harsh desert environment, offering people an authentic glimpse into their way of life. Whether embarking on camel treks through undulating dunes, partaking in thrilling sandboarding excursions, or camping beneath the star-studded Saharan sky, the Moroccan Sahara promises a transformative journey of exploration and discovery, where the timeless allure of the desert unfolds at every turn.

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