Morocco desert tours from Casablanca

Best Morocco Desert Tours from Casablanca, Packages and Itineraries


Morocco desert Sahara tours from Casablanca

Our thorough Morocco desert tours from Casablanca provide a chance to see the attractions of Morocco. Travel through kasbahs, spice bazaar, and vibrant cities. Get upon a camel and explore the Desert before savoring the sights from the Atlas Mountains’ heights.

Explore souks filled with fascinating items to feel the spirit of imperial cities. Afterwards, while you camp beneath the stars amid some of the world’s largest sand dunes, take a minute to savor this incredible journey. Look no further; our Casablanca desert travel packages and itineraries can provide all of this and more.


Morocco desert tours from Casablanca to Marrakech

Meet the greatest desert tours from Casablanca to Marrakech through Rabat, Fes, Merzouga Desert (Erg Chebbi dunes), and Dades Valley. These itineraries are the quickest feasible routes from Casablanca to the Merzouga Desert, avoiding huge distances and hard driving hours. At least you need 3 days and 2 nights in our humble view.

Each of these trips includes the chance to visit certain locations, and each additional day provides the opportunity to either visit a new location or city, or to spend more time in one of the locations included in the shorter tour, and so on. Don’t be afraid to read more information, view images, a complete itinerary, and a map of your most convenient trip from Casablanca; we offer many alternatives ranging from Basic to Luxury.

Desert tours in Morocco from Casablanca

Unlike short trips, the huge Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca enable you to see a large portion of the nation and spend enough time in each location visited.

These itineraries include lodgings, desert camp, expert English-speaking driver/guide, as well as a tour guide in the most fascinating destinations like Fes and Marrakech.

Additional Information about Casablanca’s Tailored Desert Trips

Casablanca, often known as “The Economical City,” is the biggest city in Morocco and one of the Moroccan imperial cities. Despite the lack of historical attractions, Casablanca remains the arrival and departure point for numerous flights in many directions, since it possesses one of the country’s biggest airports.

As a result, we planned to provide several trips from Casablanca to the most essential locations and popular tourist towns, like Marrakech and Fes.

Morocco Sahara Trips local travel specialists, in the goal of easing travel and transportation from Casablanca to other regions of the Kingdom and avoiding you much and much research and comparisons. We spare you the trouble and deliver you these Morocco trips from Casablanca on a silver platter!

Morocco desert tours from Casablanca are completely customized and may be tailored to your specific requirements and tastes. We are here to listen and assist you have the greatest experience possible, no matter how innovative your ideas are.


What are the typical Morocco Sahara Desert Trips from Casablanca?

In general, Casablanca Desert Tours include the following based on the trip style, i.e. the sort of lodgings you like.

Private Desert Trips in Casablanca

  • Experienced English speaking driver/guide
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your lodgings
  • Transportation that is private and pleasant
  • The lodgings have a private room 
  • In the Desert Camp, you may rent a private tent 
  • Camel ride (or alternatively, a 4×4-minute transport from and to the camp)
  • Sandboarding
  • Except in major imperial towns for big excursions like as Casablanca, Rabat, and Chefchaouen, fuel dinner and breakfast are normally provided.

What do I need to pack for the desert night?

Unsurprisingly, merely the necessities. There is no need for a sleeping bag. Both the ordinary and deluxe campgrounds include genuine mattresses, pillows, and plenty of blankets…etc.

We suggest long trousers, light shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat (particularly in the summer), and a small bag to carry your belongings.

What is the difference between regular and deluxe camps?

The tents are private, however the toilets and facilities are separated and shared.
Luxury Camp: the tents are more private and bigger, with their own toilet and bathroom, as well as hot water inside each tent. There is also WIFI and a charging station for your phone and camera.

Is it feasible to undertake additional things in the Merzouga desert, such as riding ATVs?

Sure, you may add ATVs or Buggies on the sand dunes to your desert trip as an optional extra, and the cost will be included in the tour fee.

Our Morocco Sahara Desert Trips from Casablanca are distinguished by their adaptability.

One of the distinguishing features of our Morocco excursions from Casablanca is their adaptability. You must notify us either in advance or during the trip.

How is the booking procedure going?

Reservations are free! To schedule any trip, we normally need a minimal payment using our Paypal or Payoneer accounts. The remainder of the money is due in cash to your driver/guide at the time of pick-up.

Paying the deposit is free; however, if you want to pay the entire amount or half off and avoid carrying large amounts of cash, you may do so using Paypal or Payoneer.

– There will be a 5% surcharge if you pay the entire payment using Paypal.

Please keep in mind that we do not currently take credit cards or bank transfers since they are time-consuming and expensive.

What is your refund policy?

  • Please cancel at least 20 days before the trip date to get a full refund.
  • If you cancel fewer than 20 days before your trip, the deposit is nonrefundable; however, it is still available for use if you reschedule your trip in the future.
Finally, Morocco Sahara Desert Trips from Casablanca are available.

Lastly, we hope that we will be able to give your ideal trip on our Morocco Sahara Desert Tours from Casablanca; if not, we would be delighted to hear from you and help you in finding a better experience. Our mission is to help you plan better, travel better, and feel better!

Your thoughts, ideas, and revisions will supplement our experience. These may also become itineraries for future excursions under our Tours from Casablanca. Please contact us at any time and from any location.


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