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Dear Colleagues,
My name is Mustapha Ouattou, but you may call me Obasso, as all my pals do.

My family is a nomadic Berber tribe, and we currently dwell on the borders of the Sahara Desert near Merzouga. I was born in the desert in our family tent. My father was a shepherd, so we traveled about following the rain to feed our animals. We were secluded for many years. My father would take me to the desert throughout these years to show me how to manage it. I cherish my childhood memories, particularly when Basso (my father) would speak Berber to us. He used to tell us jokes, riddles, and tales about our people. We’d spend the night on the scorching sand dunes, admiring the glittering desert sky. Our lives were basic. We would look after the animals, assist my mother carry water with the donkey, and sometimes travel to the local souk to barter products.
Morocco Sahara Travels begins. We acquired our first two camels ten years ago and launched Morocco Desert Tours with my brother Hassan. We wanted to share our culture and home. We wanted people to experience our desert nomad lifestyle. I didn’t understand what a tourist meant the first time he asked whether he may snap a photo. We eventually learned English and other languages and began to share our house with everyone who came to learn about us. We began with Merzouga desert excursions and gradually extended to trips from Fes, Marrakech, and other cities, always returning to the desert.
I’d want to tell you more, but certain tales are best spoken beneath the stars on the scorching desert sand.
I speak Berber, Arabic, Spanish, English, and French and would be delighted to discuss more over a cup of tea. We’ll see you in Morocco!

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