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Fes Desert Tours

The Fes Desert Tours provide a variety of custom-designed excursions and vacations to fit your needs and expectations. We attempt to let you know and discover new things on each trip, to give you the experience of living in the present, enjoying every second, and every eye blink with tremendous delight and joy! Or, you may create your own tour from scratch.

Fes desert tours  to Marrakech

These are the greatest Fes Desert Tours to Marrakech because they allow you to join two of Morocco’s most visited cities: Fes and Marrakech, while traveling through the top desert and tallest sand dunes: Erg Chebbi near Merzouga.

The Fes to Marrakech desert trips are tailored to our customers’ needs; they are adaptable and may range from private to mutually shared tours, with three main options: Basic (Standard accommodations + Normal desert camp included), Luxurious (Luxurious accommodations + Deluxe desert camp would include), and Mixed (Medium), which includes both standard accommodations and luxury desert camp. Do not be afraid to learn more about your favorite desert excursion.

Desert Trips from Fes to Merzouga

Meet the greatest and most popular people on Fes Desert Trips to Merzouga Desert (Erg Chebbi) and return. These desert trips are designed specifically for those who only have a few days in Fes and want to get away from the city noise and bustling streets by visiting the Merzouga Sahara desert.

As a result, we created the following trips, which may be tailored to your specific requirements. Private Fes to Merzouga Desert Trips are suggested, however small group tours are also available.

Respecting our customers’ interests and budgets, we devoted to putting several kinds of hotels and desert camps in front of each and every client, regardless of trip type (Private or Shared). Feel free to learn more about your chosen trip schedule, including inclusions and exclusions, a map, and images. Your complete pleasure is our top concern!

Fes Grand Tours

The magnificent Morocco Desert Tours from Fes are fantastic and unmissable opportunities for visitors who are captivated by this north African nation, individuals who are enthusiastic and eager to immerse themselves in a rich culture, ancient structures, fortified Kasbahs, and interacting with extremely warm and kind people.

These Fes big trips range from 7 days/6 nights to 15 days/14 nights, and we welcome any recommendations and alterations to our itinerary.

Additional Information about Our Personalized Fes Trips

Fes, Morocco’s second most visited city after Marrakech, is known as the Cultural City. Visiting and exploring Fes, going through the small alleyways of the Fes Medina, and finding its many historical sites is unquestionably a fantastic and wonderful idea.

However taking a Fes Desert Trip to Merzouga Sahara Desert and Erg Chebbi Sand Dunes for a few days is a necessity! Combining Fes, the Desert, and Marrakech: the first tourist site is a popular choice for the majority of Fes tourists.

Picking this or that is dependent on your desires as a traveler, but how and with whom you travel is just as important as the destination. As a result, we here at Morocco Sahara Trips have dedicated all of our efforts as locals to providing the finest experience to anybody who aspires to live and feel the authenticity of Morocco.


What are the typical Fes Desert Tours?

In general, depending on the trip type, the Fes Desert Tours contain the following.

Private Fes Desert Tours (Private Option): highly recommended

  • English-speaking driver/guide with prior experience
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your lodgings
  • Transportation that is private and pleasant
  • The lodgings have a private room 
  • In the Desert Camp, you may rent a private tent
  • Ride on a camel
  • Sandboard
  • Except in major imperial towns for big excursions like as Casablanca, Rabat, and Chefchaouen, fuel dinner and breakfast are normally provided.

Fes Day Trips to Consider Before or After Your Desert Tour

Going far away from the city hubbub and the congested areas for a full-day is undoubtedly a wonderful concept.

As previously said, we provide the greatest day tours from Fes to the most fascinating destinations you may see in a single day, in addition to Morocco Fes Desert Tours. Departing in the morning and returning in the evening, each of these intriguing locations differs from the others in some way that makes it distinctive and deserving of a visit.

Visiting the blue city of Chefchaouen, also known locally as Chaouen in the northeast of Morocco, and wandering in its sky-blue painted alleys, or getting lost between the ruins of the old Roman city of Volubilis, exploring the imperial city of Meknes, and Molay Idris Zerhoun are all excellent ideas.

There is little doubt that exploring any location in the globe with locals cannot and will not be compared to other options, no matter how appealing they are.

Morocco Sahara Desert Trips, with its 100% local travel consultants, chooses to give you with the greatest experience possible, exceeding your expectations. Feel free to learn more about locations and activities that help boost happy hormones.

Finally, Morocco Fes Desert Tours and Day Trips

Morocco Tours Agency’s pros and experts can modify and define unique Morocco Fes Desert Tours based on your preferences and needs, saving you a lot of pain and effort of planning and research.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for everyone of you, no matter how novel your desires are or how limited your money is.

Our Fes Desert Tours will give you with a variety of lodging and desert camp alternatives so that you may book better, travel better, and feel better!

Please contact us at any time. Our customer service team is delighted to help you with any further questions you may have, including pricing.

Fes city:

As you walk under Bab Boujeloud’s famed blue gate, you seem to be transported 1,000 years back in time. The lively cafés and outdoor markets rapidly give way to peaceful small lanes where children play and donkeys carry provisions up and down the historic city’s winding, mud brick passages. Fez el-Bali, the oldest portion of Fez, is the world’s biggest car-free urban zone and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most visitors to Fez spend their time here.

Walking around Fez el-Bali is like walking through 1,300 years of Moroccan tradition that has only lately been impacted by globalization and the rush of visitors.

Despite the increase in tourists, the enchantment of Fez remains. The city has seen so much history. Its maze-like city is filled with ancient mosques and medersas (also known as madrassas, which are Islamic schools). Because non-Muslims are not permitted to enter any of the mosques, there are two medersas — Medersa Bou Inania and Medersa el-Attarine — that demonstrate the magnificence of Islamic architecture. Take note of the delicate balance of elaborate stucco and tile work utilized to beautify these architectural treasures!

Notes from Fez’s History

Moulay Idriss II, the son of Morocco’s founder, built Fez around 789 A.D., however the origin of the city’s name is uncertain. Some historians say it is derived from the traditional Berber name for the Middle Atlas mountains, Fazaz, while others believe it is derived from a story about a golden axe that split the river of Fez into two half (in Arabic, a fez is an axe).

It wasn’t until 817-18 A.D., when over 800 refugee families from Cordoba, Spain, arrived in Fez, followed a few years later by almost 2,000 families from Tunisia, that Fez really started to expand. For nearly 300 years, these communities battled one other. The city did not experience peace until the coming of the Almoravid empire in 1070 A.D.

The city of Fez gained shape during Almoravid dominion, and the walls of Fez were built, which still define the contour of today’s Fez El-Bali. Fez was the biggest city in the world by 1170 A.D., with a population of over 200,000 people. It was a significant commerce center, servicing Africa and Europe, the gold route from Timbuktu, and the famed tanneries known for its excellent leather shields.

Fez became the capital of Morocco when the Merenids acquired power in 1250 A.D. Fez el-Jdid, the “new” city, was established at this time, with broader streets, parks, and several governmental facilities. This is also when Fez truly became a cultural and intellectual powerhouse and the “Fassi” style, a mixture of Andalusian and Almohad traditions, was given life. The Medersa Bou Inania and Medersa el-Attarine are superb examples of this period’s opulent architecture.

Fez is today renowned as the “Athens of Africa” and the “Mecca of the West” due to its history and status as Morocco’s spiritual and learning hub.


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