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Marrakech is one of the imperial cities in Morocco. The city is one of the most tourist destinations in Morocco tours because of its strategic location and historical monuments to offer. When tourists visit Marrakech, they visit and stay in the architectural riads of the Medina.

Besides, Jamaa El-Fna is the busiest square in Marrakech that tourists explore. In the afternoon, the square presents snake charmers, Barbary monkeys, orange juice stalls, and water sellers. Yet, the square becomes local food stalls at night for tagines, couscous, sizzling meat skewers, and spiced soups with lentils and chickpeas. The square is surrounded by local cafes where tourists have mint tea enjoy the panoramic views of the square and the sunset.

Further, the Koutoubia is the largest mosque in Marrakech near the square time. It was built during the Almoravid time with 77-metre minaret. With tours from Marrakech, tourists can explore many other historical sites, such as Saadin Tombos and El Badi Place. Moreover, there is some Quranic school where Ismalic laws taught, such as Ben Youssef Madrasa (school).


Merzouga desert is one of the main tourist places in Morocco tours. With tours from Marrakech, tourists will expect another experience in the desert. Tourists ride camels and cross the dunes towards the camp to experience a Berber life. However, before arriving at the camp, the camel guide makes a stop in the middle of the dunes to watch the stunning view of the sunset on the top of the dunes. On your way to the camp, the landscapes of dunes and the silence of the desert are the relaxing moments that one can enjoy.

Besides, after dinner at the camp, locals will entertain the tourists with drum music around the fire under the starry sky. In addition to that, tourists enjoy the music of black people in Khamlia village. The people came for Mali with their traditional gnaoua music that presents to the tourists. Also, the nomadic family is another tourist attraction. Yet, tourists explore the mine of Mifis in the black desert the head to nomadic families who live in hand-made tents with their herds. It is a chance to learn about Berber customs and the ins and outs of life in the desert, living with sheep and goats, and working donkeys.

Further, one of the more surreal sights in Merzouga is a national museum dedicated to off-road vehicles. This attraction is free to enter and presents a small fleet of 4×4 vehicles including Jeeps, Fords, Land Rovers, Range Rover, Toyotas, Moroccan army vehicles, as well as some more outlandish exhibits like a single-seater buggy and an amphibious vehicle. The Erg Chebbi dunes on the Morocco-Algeria border chime with everyone’s most romantic notion of the Sahara.

Rissani and Erfoud:

Tours from Marrakech highlight Erfoud and Rissani towns in southeast Morocco. On the way to the desert, we pass by Erfoud city known as the fossil city and the capital of dates. It is the main source of Moroccan fossils that exports and distributes all design and style types of decorative fossils, such as tables, sinks, fountains, kitchen and bath design elements, and also hospitality and hotel environments. Moreover, the town organizes a date show each year that attracts local farmers, producers, and visitors. In addition to that, after experiencing a camel trekking trip, the tours from Marrakech head to Rissani.

Tourists have this chance to explore one of the oldest and traditional souks in Morocco. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are busiest days where locals and visitors attend this mark for shopping for spices, handicrafts, and jewelry.

Besides, locals use mules and donkeys as a means of transportation to bring goods to this market. The town is also famous for Madfouna pizza tourists can have with mint tea in local restaurants

Ifrane and Cedar forest:

Cedar Forest is a woodland place in Azrou town in the Middle Atlas Mountains. It is a homeland of many wild animals, but most of the disappeared. Therefore, it is a tourist station where tourists stop to enjoy the barbarian apes and feed them. It is also an area of picnic where visitors come to sit under the high threes with apes around. The most thing you can enjoy is feeding the apes and having pictures with them.
In addition to that, Ifrane is one of the most charming cities in Morocco in the Middle Atlas. The city is known as the Switzerland of Morocco because of its similarity to the Alpine-style houses.

The city attracts visitors all over the world because of its beautiful nature and climate and gardens. Moreover, the Lion is one of Ifrane’s most photographed landmarks that was created in the 1930s. The resting lion was carved during the Second World War by a German soldier. According to local legend, the sculpture is in honour of the last remaining wild Atlas lion, which was killed close to Ifrane a few years before the statue was made.

Atlas Mountains:

The Atlas Mountains of northwestern Africa are home to one of the highest peaks on the continent, Mount Toubkal. The Atlas Mountains are divided into three types in Morocco. The Middle Atlas Mountains located between Fes and the Sahara, and the Anti-Atlas in the southwest of Morocco.

However, with tours from Marrakech, it is a great chance to travel through the High Atlas Mountains towards the desert. During travelling in this type of the Atlas Mountains, tourists will explore the Berber villages in the mountains and their daily life. Moreover, there is an Argan oil cooperative where cosmetics are made by Argan oil. Therefore, there will be a stop at this cooperative to explore how locals deal with Argan oil directly. Besides, tours from Marrakech pass through the longest curved mountain pass in Morocco that is called Tizi’N-Tichka, including some stops at the hights points for panoramic views of the stretching mountains and landscapes of Berber villages.

It is possible to travel through the Middle Atlas Mountains if you are booking a trip of tours from Marrakech to Fes.

Ait Ben Haddou:

Ait Ben Haddou is one of the most tourist attractions in the High Atlas Mountains. Along with tours from Marrakech, it is an opportunity for tourists to discover this old kasbah. It is the largest Kasbah in Morocco that has been among the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1987.

Moreover, it is a tourist station because the kasbah is built with architectural mud-brick design that attracts the tourists. Thus, tourists walk through the kasbah and go up the top where they insight the whole kasbah with its river and landscapes of the mountains. In addition to that, it is a perfect castle where many movies filmed, such as Gladiator and the Game of Throne. Therefore, you are not visiting this kasbah to enjoy and discover adobe houses style, but you are also visiting the place where your favourite and famous movies are filmed.


With tours from Marrakech, you will explore another imperial city. Meknes city was the capital during the 17th century by Sultan Moulay Ismail. Therefore, there many tourist attractions of the 17th century you will discover in tours from Marrakech. The main square in Meknes, Place Hedim is surrounded by historic buildings and narrow alleys that lead into bustling markets. It is especially lively in the evening time with many activities such as snack vendors, stalls selling freshly squeezed juices and music.

Moreover, Bab Mansour is often said to be one of the most beautiful gates in Morocco, and one of the world’s finest entrances. Arches and columns, wood carvings, and striking zellige tile work combine to make this a photogenic beauty. People who enjoy visiting religious sites will find several grand mosques, including the Grande Mosque. Yet, non-Muslim tourists are not allowed to enter them.

Regardless of these monuments, there is another interesting site outside of Meknes worth a visit. Volubilis is an ancient Berber and Roman site in the mountains. Moreover, it is one of Morocco’s most significant places of archaeological interest that is a UNESCO-listed site. In this ancient site, you will explore old Roman ruins with stone carvings, statues, mosaics, extensive foundations and numerous dividing walls, an ancient bathhouse, a section of an aqueduct, and more.


Morocco’s blue city is a truly beautiful town with blue walls and majestic mountains overlooking the characterful town. It was established in 1471 when Moorish and Jewish people fled here to escape the Reconquista of Spain.

With our tours from Marrakech, you will explore the reason for the blue style and its wonderful medina. There many beliefs behind the blue color in this city. In Jewish beliefs, the color blue represents the sky that reminds people of heaven and God. Thus, the Jews in Chefchaouen introduced the practice of painting walls blue, in keeping with their religious and cultural practices.

However, others say that the blue color represents the color of the water. Therefore, it represents the color of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and symbolizes the importance of the city’s Ras el-Maa Waterfall where citizens get their drinking water. There are many stories behind that, but the city is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Morocco.

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